How would it feel to have the knowledge & skills at all times to steer your pricing with ease, rather than wrestling with customers for every penny?

On November 26, 2021, we’ll host a free live webinar where we’ll show you how to use artificial intelligence to set the right prices for your business and magically attract every customer to your side with unbeatable strategies.

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What you'll learn in this webinar

Your Host: Dr. Björn Schuppar
Price Management Expert

Hi, I am Dr. Björn Schuppar and I am the founder of Schuppar Consulting.

Together with my team we worked out solutions that help companies to protect and optimize their margins.

After over 20 years of training and coaching organizations, I’ve learned one thing:

Most of the time the part who pays (your customer) is the part who determines the direction – especially when this part is a big player that has a lot of market power.

But you know what? Things don’t have to be like that. I am on a mission to change this situation.

Let me show you the smart solutions we’ve worked out to help you to close more deals at better margins for your business – even if you often have to deal with really tough buyers.


Dr. Björn Schuppar

Price Management Expert

Dr. Björn Schuppar

Price Management Expert
20 years of experience in coaching and training organizations
Guided 3,000 real negotiations with the Pricing Clinic® method
Held more than 250 keynote speeches
Trained over 10k people globally in pricing
70 publications, lectures, and a book about pricing excellence
More than 400 companies successfully use the Schuppar methods: BASF, Henkel, Electrolux, Saint Gobain

What clients say about us

"We recovered plus 44 Million € EBITDA on 2.000 Million € Sales across 3 regions and BUs."
Vincent Legros
Arkema Group CEO at Bostik
"Changing the Pricing Culture with Schuppar Consulting resulted in +2.2%-pts. Margin improvement and volume growth on plan."
Mike Olosky
Henkel Adhesive, Member of the Executive Committee
"Total benefit for my Automotive division of +823 k€ profil. The Trainings, the Pricing Clinics® and and the new Pricing Gym are extremely powerful tools."
Dr. Eberhard Wildermuth
CEO Sales at Witzenmann
“With the worldwide Pricing Culture & Momentum program with Schuppar we improved our price index from +0.3% to +2.7% (+2.4%-pts.) on 800 M€ Sales."
Andrea Zoochi
CEO at Evoca Group
Save your spot now and learn how your life as a seller can become easier & way more successful.

You want to get better prices for your company, but you don’t know how to achieve this ambitious goal?

Then we look forward to welcoming you to our Free Webinar. On November 26, 2021, we want to show you an approach that solves all the typical problems B2B sellers face every day.

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Dr. Björn Schuppar

Pricing Expert, Founding Partner & Managing Director
Exquisite cook
Trained athlete

“Dr. Schuppar has the ability to clearly convey at entrepreneurial and executive level the significance of finding the right price. Better prices are an inspiration to him.“

Experience & background
As the Managing Director Dr. Björn Schuppar takes responsibility for the activities of Schuppar Consulting in Germany and abroad. He founded the company in 2005. His profound expertise in pricing, negotiating, sales management, customer benefits and retailer management, which has proven itself in hundreds of projects, makes him a much esteemed consultant for industrial and service companies.

Dr. Björn Schuppar and his team have successfully trained more than 7,000 people worldwide. Giving advice on prices and negotiation training in the automotive, specialty chemicals, mechanical and plant engineering, IT, chemicals, consumer goods, retail and financial services industries are focal points of his work. Besides his specialist expertise, customers value his social and intercultural competence as well as his ability to inspire.

The price expert is the author of the book “Preismanagement” (DUV/Springer-Gabler 2006) as well as of numerous publications and lectures about prices, sales and marketing. Dr. Björn Schuppar studied business engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt (specializing in mechanical engineering) and attained his doctor’s degree with Prof. Dr. Christian Homburg (University of Mannheim). In his dissertation he identified the success factors of price management in the business-to-business sector. Afterwards, he worked worldwide for several years as a management consultant.

He prefers to spend his leisure time with his family. He enjoys cooking and exercises regularly.

Martin Ahlefelder

Pricing Expert, Partner & Managing Director
Committed handball player
Passionate golfer

“Mr. Ahlefelder is a partner with special abilities: Empathetic, goal-oriented and dedicated.”

Experience & background
Martin Ahlefelder has been responsible at Schuppar Consulting for the area of industrial markets since 2010. He very successfully accompanies the execution and implementation of pricing. Our customers know and value him as an outstanding, results-oriented consultant and partner.

Martin Ahlefelder is an expert for the chemicals and automotive industries, general industry and retail industry. In projects he skilfully combines his analytic expertise with his extraordinary social and training competencies. He has already profitably and effectively trained hundreds of senior executives and sales employees on various sales topics. At the same time he is very successful at introducing co-workers to new concepts respectfully and in a relaxed atmosphere. He has proven himself as ideal in accompanying even the most difficult change management processes. Martin Ahlefelder is comprehensively experienced in dealing with projects, in both the group environment (DAX 30) and mid-sized companies. His consulting and coaching achievements have also earned a high degree of esteem and acknowledgement at the international level. By means of his practice-oriented consulting approach he consistently and fully in line with the Schuppar Consulting philosophy achieves effective increases of between two and three percentage points for his customers.

Martin Ahlefelder studied Business Administration (Diploma) at the FHDW in Bergisch Gladbach and worked in marketing and sales before joining Schuppar Consulting. Martin Ahlefelder selectively passes his pricing and training expertise at Schuppar Consulting on to colleagues within the framework of the Young Talents Programme.

In his leisure time he enjoys playing handball and golf.