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On our mission to free B2B companies from their limits, we offer the tools, skills & support you need to optimize your prices sustainably – and still make your customers happy.

What Better Prices Could Do For Your Company

Most companies are not happy with their prices and want to get better margins. Be honest: does your company already charge prices that reflect the true value of your offering? Or do you often agree to the conditions of your counterparts during negotiations for fear of losing the customer?

If you answered „yes“ to the second question, we can help you. More than 400 companies & over 7,000 salespeople and buyers have already benefited from Schuppar trainings. We are your (full solution) pricing consultancy.

Through the experience of over 3,000 negotiations, 200 pricing programs for global players and working with more than 10,000 people on pricing globally during past 15 years, we have filtered out the key elements that are responsible for solid pricing: It is the combination of a good pricing strategy and a strong pricing culture.

Let us take you on a journey in which we will analyze your current situation from a 360-degree perspective and offer you a tailormade program.

We train your teams in terms of price setting & price negotiations, optimize your systems, install the tools and actively accompany you on the way to your goal: sustainable prices that fit with your needs and make your company less dependent on market turbulence and rising costs.

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Your Schuppar pricing expert team combines both consulting and training. Creating a comprehensive solution with programs from the best in the business.

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Hi, My Name Is
Dr. Björn Schuppar

Hi, my name is Björn and price management is my big passion. I also love to inspire people. To give more confidence to them. Inspire them to think more freely and without limitations and make brave decisions. To make them feel more self-assured. Helping them to behave proactively in their markets and step up for the true value their organization delivers to customers.

Schuppar Consulting gives me the opportunity to combine both of these passions to support B2B companies with their price management the best possible way. Together with my team, I am on a mission to provide the skills, know-how, methods, plans, strategies, & emotions to transform normal sellers into pricing champions.

Immense practical experience in a very short time, at an extraordinarily high, specialist level
– that is what joining Schuppar Consulting can offer you

Most of Our Limitations Start In Our Head

Pretend that you have the idea of running a marathon. When you think about it, maybe a few doubts come to mind.

Maybe you are not the sportiest person in the world and you are unsure whether your physical conditioning will get you to the finish line. Perhaps you’ve already read one or two terrifying reports about runners who collapsed during a marathon.  

The fact is, with the right preparation, basically every person is able to run a marathon. But doubts about one’s own abilities and the warmth of the usual comfort zone ensure that most people never dare to try.  

Cases like the one just described not only occur in the private sector, but also appear frequently in everyday B2B life. After over 20 years of experience in the price management sector, I know that most salespeople are very concerned that their prices are too high. Resultingly thinking about a price increase automatically means considering a volume loss.   

Yes, price optimization is a process which requires preparation and training. But with the wrong mindset, sales leaders around the world sabotage themselves from the start.  

If you don’t believe your product deserves its value, neither will your customers. And that has devastating consequences: 

Believe me: I know how all of this feels because at the beginning of my career I was at that point too. Together with my team, I have developed solutions that not only treat the symptoms but also the cause of the typical problems that salespeople struggle with day in and day out.
Yes, we provide trainings and strategies that sellers will benefit from during their whole career. But what makes us special is that we also work with the emotions of people. Because I am convinced that the way we feel has extremely positive effects on our working results. 

Decode Your Pricing DNA

In the last 20 years we have learned a lot from top salespeople and top buyers in the management of our customers. These great mentors helped us with their knowledge to completely decode the sales pricing DNA of companies.

Do you want to know how to
edit your pricing DNA?

One of our customers was able to effectively increase its margin by 2.3% points through pricing culture. On sales of € 2 billion, this means an impressive plus of € 46 million in EBITDA

Dr. Björn Schuppar
Pricing Expert

Learn quick, practice with fun, perform convincingly

Covering every aspect of sales and pricing that matters the most


Defending Quotations

Negotiation Skills

Agile Margin Recovery

Sales Psychology



Defending Quotations

Negotiation Skills

Agile Margin Recovery

Sales Psychology



Defending Quotations

Negotiation Skills

Agile Margin Recovery

Sales Psychology


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Why Well-Known Customers From Various Industries Work With Schuppar Consulting

Vincent Legros

Arkema Group CEO at Bostik

"We recovered plus 44 Million € EBITDA on 2.000 Million € Sales across 3 regions and BUs."

Dr. Eberhard Wildermuth

CEO Sales at Witzenmann

“We could recovered more than 2 Million € across Divisions.”

Joris Merckx

CEO at Thor NV
(Formerly President & CEO at Chemetall)

“More than 30 Million € EBITDA over 18 months (700 Million Sales).”

Malte Witt

Vice President Sales and Marketing EMEA at Armacell

“+4.5% better net-net prices in my region."

Daniel Lopez Cruz

Managing Director Corporate Investment at Investcorp

"The Schuppar Consulting team successfully helped us to sustainably develop the pricing for portfolio firms.”

Dr. Volker Pfahlert

Founder/Co-Founder/ Shareholder & CEO Numares
(Formerly Executive Positions at Roche Diagnostics and Draeger Medical)

“The impact of the Strategic Pricing Program was a substantial margin improvement (high single digit).”

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Martin Ahlefelder &

Dr. Björn Schuppar

Pricing Experts

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Meet the Leadership Team


Dr. Björn Schuppar

Pricing Expert, Founding Partner & Managing Director

Dr. Björn Schuppar stands as the brilliant founder and visionary behind Schuppar Consulting, a pioneering force in the realm of pricing and sales strategy. With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years, he has been instrumental in transforming companies such as BASF, Siemens, and Henkel, revolutionizing their pricing practices and steering them towards long-term sustainability. Driven by a passion for excellence, his innovative methodologies and pragmatic programs have become the cornerstone of success for businesses seeking to unlock their full growth potential in the competitive marketplace.


Martin Ahlefelder

Pricing Expert, Partner & Managing Director

Martin Ahlefelder is a renowned Pricing Expert dedicated to helping companies achieve pricing excellence and growing long-term profitability. Not only does he focus on pricing concepts, but he also trains sales teams to enhance their professionalism in pricing, negotiation, and selling. By equipping sales teams with the necessary skills and knowledge, Martin empowers them to make informed pricing decisions, negotiate effectively, and ultimately drive revenue growth.


Steven Dufresne

Commercial Expert, Partner & Chief Sales Officer

Steven gained extensive commercial experience working in business roles across multiple markets and geographies at Loctite and Henkel. He led established and emerging businesses, steered engagements with consultants, and guided strategy teams focused on Commercial Excellence. Having worked and lived in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Steven brings local, global, and multi-cultural perspectives to his work at helping companies professionally engage their customers, drive growth, and improve profitability.

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Step Into A New
World Of Pricing

At the beginning of my career, I had similar experiences as many B2B salespeople. I didn’t know what prices I could charge for my products. I thought that I was well prepared for negotiations but it often turned out that my counterparts were several steps ahead of me.  

They made me feel that I am much too expensive and I was afraid of losing my customers to the competition if I didn’t meet the conditions of my negotiating partners. Thanks to my years of experience and the support of my great mentors, I know better today.  

If your company delivers great solutions and operates in a competitive environment, frequent price optimizations are not only appropriate, they are even necessary.  

It makes me fuzzy when I see that companies deliver extraordinary solutions that solve really painful problems, but fail to pass this added value on to their customers in terms of price. I observe that buyers and sellers often meet at the negotiating table as opponents rather than partners.  

I want to change this situation.

Your work life is too short to always fight for prices and continue to be afraid. In a perfect world, salespeople no longer wake up feeling that their business is at risk and that their prices are too expensive.  
I dream of a world in which salespeople are accompanied every day by the certainty that they deserve a bigger piece of the pie without scaring off their customers.  
If you want to become part of this world as well and would like to figure out your secret sales pricing DNA we should get to know each other. The entire Schuppar team looks forward to welcoming you and your sales team to us soon.

Dr. Björn Schuppar

Pricing Expert, Founding Partner & Managing Director
Exquisite cook
Trained athlete

“Dr. Schuppar has the ability to clearly convey at entrepreneurial and executive level the significance of finding the right price. Better prices are an inspiration to him.“

Experience & background
As the Managing Director Dr. Björn Schuppar takes responsibility for the activities of Schuppar Consulting in Germany and abroad. He founded the company in 2005. His profound expertise in pricing, negotiating, sales management, customer benefits and retailer management, which has proven itself in hundreds of projects, makes him a much esteemed consultant for industrial and service companies.

Dr. Björn Schuppar and his team have successfully trained more than 7,000 people worldwide. Giving advice on prices and negotiation training in the automotive, specialty chemicals, mechanical and plant engineering, IT, chemicals, consumer goods, retail and financial services industries are focal points of his work. Besides his specialist expertise, customers value his social and intercultural competence as well as his ability to inspire.

The price expert is the author of the book “Preismanagement” (DUV/Springer-Gabler 2006) as well as of numerous publications and lectures about prices, sales and marketing. Dr. Björn Schuppar studied business engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt (specializing in mechanical engineering) and attained his doctor’s degree with Prof. Dr. Christian Homburg (University of Mannheim). In his dissertation he identified the success factors of price management in the business-to-business sector. Afterwards, he worked worldwide for several years as a management consultant.

He prefers to spend his leisure time with his family. He enjoys cooking and exercises regularly.

Martin Ahlefelder

Pricing Expert, Partner & Managing Director
Committed handball player
Passionate golfer

“Mr. Ahlefelder is a partner with special abilities: Empathetic, goal-oriented and dedicated.”

Experience & background
Martin Ahlefelder has been responsible at Schuppar Consulting for the area of industrial markets since 2010. He very successfully accompanies the execution and implementation of pricing. Our customers know and value him as an outstanding, results-oriented consultant and partner.

Martin Ahlefelder is an expert for the chemicals and automotive industries, general industry and retail industry. In projects he skilfully combines his analytic expertise with his extraordinary social and training competencies. He has already profitably and effectively trained hundreds of senior executives and sales employees on various sales topics. At the same time he is very successful at introducing co-workers to new concepts respectfully and in a relaxed atmosphere. He has proven himself as ideal in accompanying even the most difficult change management processes. Martin Ahlefelder is comprehensively experienced in dealing with projects, in both the group environment (DAX 30) and mid-sized companies. His consulting and coaching achievements have also earned a high degree of esteem and acknowledgement at the international level. By means of his practice-oriented consulting approach he consistently and fully in line with the Schuppar Consulting philosophy achieves effective increases of between two and three percentage points for his customers.

Martin Ahlefelder studied Business Administration (Diploma) at the FHDW in Bergisch Gladbach and worked in marketing and sales before joining Schuppar Consulting. Martin Ahlefelder selectively passes his pricing and training expertise at Schuppar Consulting on to colleagues within the framework of the Young Talents Programme.

In his leisure time he enjoys playing handball and golf.

Steven Dufresne

Pricing Expert, Partner & Managing Director
Exquisiter Koch
Trainierte Athlet

“Herr Dufresne zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass er mit Menschen mit unterschiedlichem Hintergrund, Erfahrungen und Bestrebungen in Kontakt kommt und sich in ihre geschäftlichen/kundlichen Herausforderungen und Möglichkeiten hineinversetzen kann. Sein Hauptziel ist es, ihnen zu helfen, persönlich und beruflich zu wachsen. Dass es Spaß macht, ist nur ein Teil seines Prozesses.“

Erfahrung & Hintergrund
Steven ist eine versierte Führungspersönlichkeit, die über umfangreiche Erfahrungen und einen großen Einfluss auf kommerzielle Spitzenleistungen auf Märkten in Nordamerika, Europa und Asien verfügt. Mit einer nachgewiesenen Erfolgsbilanz hat er seine Fähigkeit, das Geschäftswachstum voranzutreiben und herausragende Ergebnisse zu erzielen, immer wieder unter Beweis gestellt. Dank seines umfassenden Verständnisses der Marktdynamik, des Kundenverhaltens und der Branchentrends ist er in der Lage, effektive Strategien zu entwickeln und umzusetzen, die die Vertriebsleistung optimieren und den Marktanteil erhöhen. Seine Führungsqualitäten, gepaart mit seinem ausgeprägten Geschäftssinn, haben die Expansion zahlreicher Unternehmen in neue Bereiche ermöglicht, was zu erheblichem Umsatzwachstum und Marktdurchdringung führte. Stevens Fachwissen im Bereich der kaufmännischen Spitzenleistungen hat ihn zu einem vertrauenswürdigen Berater und Katalysator für den Erfolg in der heutigen wettbewerbsintensiven globalen Geschäftslandschaft gemacht.

Steven schloss sein Studium an der McGill University mit einem Diplom in Ingenieurwissenschaften ab. Während seiner Zeit an der McGill University erwarb er wesentliche Problemlösungsfähigkeiten.
Nach Abschluss seines Studiums erwarb Steven eine professionelle Ingenieurlizenz in Kanada. Um sein Wissen und seine Fähigkeiten zu erweitern, entschied er sich für ein Studium in Global Business Strategy an der Harvard Business School. Dieses Programm vermittelte ihm ein umfassendes Verständnis für die Feinheiten des globalen Geschäftsumfelds und stattete ihn mit dem nötigen Rüstzeug aus, um komplexe Herausforderungen zu meistern.
Seine Freizeit verbringt er mit Familie und Freunden, beim Skifahren, Radfahren, Golfen, Segeln und vielen anderen Sport- und Freizeitaktivitäten.