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Price Enforcement



Falling raw material prices lead to discussions about price reductions.  The argumentation: If you purchase at favourable prices, you should pass this advantage on to your customers. Selling comes under pressure and deflation misleads you into making hasty price reductions.

Defending prices is challenging. Because customers expect reductions. Because competitors reduce prices. The good news: Even in this environment  companies can maintain their profit margins or even increase them. Schuppar Consulting develops your very own optimal pricing and defence strategy for this purpose. Together we formulate powerful counterclaims and effectively extend the playing field of pure price negotiating. We position your added value, develop compelling arguments for stable prices, gain time and produce viable selective and alternative solutions.

Consulting project price defence

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Securing prices for the long term.

Effective at higher prices

Systematic price Increase implementation

Your sales department fears price increases? You have customers that categorically reject price increases or that threaten to change suppliers? Your costs increase and your margins fall if you do not maintain your sales prices? Then decide for a systematic price increase project accompanied by your  Schuppar Consulting pricing experts. We will analyse your prices and identify the right key levers. We will train and accompany you in a specialized project and change management scheme.

  • Analyse your current situation on the market. Work out a convincing factual base to justify price increases. Valuate risks. Practise effective chains of reasoning and reactions to objections. Establish negotiating objectives and pain thresholds. Communicate the increase in advance. Become self-assured by means of a systematic negotiation coaching scheme. Achieve quick wins. Convince key accounts. Make use of our price monitoring for a continuous learning process.

Consulting project systematic price increase

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Effective at higher prices.