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We have the Pricing DNA.

We have the Pricing DNA.

About us

Our team combines intelligent pricing with methodological competence, outstanding negotiating know-how, sales-related pragmatism and the experience gained from hundreds of projects and training programs. Our style of work is based on genuine co-operation and teamwork. We analyse your sales strategies and take a passionate interest in your corporate objectives. We closely co-operate with your top and middle management and with your co-workers in an environment built on mutual trust. We strengthen your team with our expertise in pricing. We realize: price management means change management. We also accompany our customers here.

Management Team

We find the pricing that will make you successful and that works for your company. We live better prices.
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Though based in Germany, we are at your service all over the world. More than eighty percent of our projects take place in an international environment, which makes us international in all respects.
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Pricing Profi


Prices are a matter of culture. Higher prices represent the value added of your supply. They secure your profitability and guarantee the investment scope for innovation and service which you need in international competition.
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The Management Team

Dr. Björn Schuppar

Your Pricing Expert
– Partner, Managing Director –

Phone: +49 211 83 68 05 08

Martin Paukert

Your Pricing Expert
– Partner –

Phone: +49 211 83 68 05 03

Dr. Björn Schuppar. Partner, Managing Director “We live better prices.”

“Dr. Schuppar has the ability to clearly convey at entrepreneurial and executive level the significance of finding the right price. Better prices are an inspiration to him.“

As the Managing Director Dr. Björn Schuppar takes responsibility for the activities of Schuppar Consulting in Germany and abroad. He founded the company in 2005. His profound expertise in pricing, negotiating, sales management, customer benefits and retailer management, which has proven itself in hundreds of projects, makes him a much esteemed consultant for industrial and service companies.

Dr. Björn Schuppar and his team have successfully trained more than 7,000 people worldwide. Giving advice on prices and negotiation training in the automotive, specialty chemicals, mechanical and plant engineering, IT, chemicals, consumer goods, retail and financial services industries are focal points of his work. Besides his specialist expertise, customers value his social and intercultural competence as well as his ability to inspire.

The price expert is the author of the book “Preismanagement” (DUV/Springer-Gabler 2006) as well as of numerous publications and lectures about prices, sales and marketing. Dr. Björn Schuppar studied business engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt (specializing in mechanical engineering) and attained his doctor’s degree with Prof. Dr. Christian Homburg (University of Mannheim). In his dissertation he identified the success factors of price management in the business-to-business sector. Afterwards, he worked worldwide for several years as a management consultant.

He prefers to spend his leisure time with his family. He enjoys cooking and exercises regularly.

Martin Paukert. Partner

“Mr. Paukert is a partner with special abilities: Empathetic, goal-oriented and dedicated.”

Martin Paukert has been responsible at Schuppar Consulting for the area of industrial markets since 2010. He very successfully accompanies the execution and implementation of pricing. Our customers know and value him as an outstanding, results-oriented consultant and partner.

Martin Paukert is an expert for the chemicals and automotive industries, general industry and retail industry. In projects he skilfully combines his analytic expertise with his extraordinary social and training competencies. He has already profitably and effectively trained hundreds of senior executives and sales employees on various sales topics. At the same time he is very successful at introducing co-workers to new concepts respectfully and in a relaxed atmosphere. He has proven himself as ideal in accompanying even the most difficult change management processes. Martin Paukert is comprehensively experienced in dealing with projects, in both the group environment (DAX 30) and mid-sized companies. His consulting and coaching achievements have also earned a high degree of esteem and acknowledgement at the international level. By means of his practice-oriented consulting approach he consistently and fully in line with the Schuppar Consulting philosophy achieves effective increases of between two and three percentage points for his customers.

Martin Paukert studied Business Administration (Diploma) at the FHDW in Bergisch Gladbach and worked in marketing and sales before joining Schuppar Consulting. Martin Paukert selectively passes his pricing and training expertise at Schuppar Consulting on to colleagues within the framework of the Young Talents Programme.

In his leisure time he enjoys playing handball and golf.

We strengthen your team with our expertise in pricing.

We accompany you around the world

Though based in Germany, we are at your service all over the world. Of course, the maxim that you as a company live by also applies to Schuppar Consulting.

Preiskultur Beratung
More than eighty percent of our projects take place in an international environment, which makes us international in all respects. As a global operator we have a high degree of intercultural expertise and use our wealth of experience in accompanying international groups in the global rollout of company-wide solutions.

Careful strategic planning and project management at the company head-office take centre stage and are just as important as their implementation at the national subsidiaries. At the same time, the participants in local project and training schemes benefit from our many years of experience with various corporate and national cultures.

Think globally – act locally. A matter of course for Schuppar Consulting.

Think globally – act locally

Inspire for better prices

Pricing pressure is increasing and has been for years. Purchasing has done its homework, Sales are under pressure. You can change that with us.

Prices are a matter of culture. Higher prices represent the value added of your supply. They secure your profitability and guarantee the investment scope for innovation and service which you need in international competition.

Manage your selling prices professionally and negotiate on an equal footing: We make pricing potentials visible and launch tailored pricing initiatives. We design modern condition and intelligent pricing systems. We will inspire your teams for better prices and accompany you in your sales price increases. We ensure outstanding success in negotiations through highly motivated and self-assured co-workers.

Pricing Experts

Creating a new pricing culture

Price management means change management.  That is why a profound understanding of sales is so important for project success. That is why we integrate your sales so early in your pricing projects. We work methodically and ensure systematic implementation at both the management and operational level. We change the attitudes and thus also the behaviour of your co-workers and coach your teams for difficult negotiations. We create pricing culture. Pragmatically and practicably.

We develop and practise argumentation guidelines. We define negotiating objectives and show how you can succeed in pushing through your asking prices.

You will soon notice your gain in profits, be successful with top customers and measure your sustainable price/performance ratio with the right performance indicators.

Schuppar Consulting.
Your Pricing Experts

Schuppar Consulting optimizes prices, sales and profit margins. As a leading specialist for earnings maximization through professional price and negotiation management, we advise suppliers in the automotive, construction, chemicals, industrial goods, mechanical engineering, retail, IT, medical technology, consumer goods and financial services industries.

We focus on measurable increases in sales and margins by means of professionally executed price maximization strategies. Schuppar Consulting develops intelligent pricing strategies for its customers and designs modern rebate and incentive schemes. Dr. Björn Schuppar and his team of experts have now already successfully trained and coached more than 7,500 senior executives.

Ihre Pricing Experten

Schuppar Consulting. Better prices. More sales. More profit.
At the negotiating room.

Additional options


Study takes 25 min.

199 EUR
You participate online in the Negotiation Assessment. After that you receive your individual 15-page result report before the training. Dr. Schuppar will explain how to read the reports during the training.


Limited seats

399 EUR
Additional Time for Sparring with Head of Global Training Martin Paukert (Partner at Schuppar Consulting).

You practice price increases with others and receive direct feedback from Martin which will improve your skill level dramatically. (17:30 – 20:00 h)


Limited seats

399 EUR
Joint virtual Lunch with Dr. Schuppar and his Team, where you can discuss and ask direct questions about your specific cases to find solutions which work.

You also get special stage time during the training to share a case of your choice.