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Decide now for
better prices!

Decide now for
better prices!


Achieving profitable growth and managing prices & conditions sustainably.


Can you manage to grow in stagnating markets? Do you want to penetrate key accounts even better and generate new business by means of attractive solutions? Do you consistently recover lost turnover?
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Preis Strategie


For every service there is a best price. That is why you should not leave the price development of your products and services to your gut feeling. Plan your prices strategically – with a view to customer benefit, earnings potential, life cycle and competitive environment.
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Falling raw material prices lead to discussions about price reductions.  The argumentation: If you purchase at favourable prices, you should pass this advantage on to your customers. Selling comes under pressure and deflation misleads you into making hasty price reductions.
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Profit from our outstanding pricing knowhow.

Pricing Excellence

Pricing Diagnostic

With what price do I gain and keep customers? Is it too high, too low or is it correctly set to get the highest possible sales margin? B-to-B markets are characterized by a high degree of price uncertainty. What do the best do better than you? What factors, systems and strategies lead to better prices, higher quantities and outstanding margins?
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Pricing Diagnostic


Difficult negotiations with demanding customers require systematic preparation. Recognize the purchasers’ tactics and signals. Skilfully fend off customer objections. Demand fair services in return for yours. Practise efficient negotiating techniques.
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Pricing Clinic


If a key account’s prices come under pressure, the fever rises at the company. An effective therapy against bad prices and low margins in the case of key accounts is Pricing Clinic® by Schuppar Consulting. Pricing Clinic® has proven itself many times in numerous industries.
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What counts today are intelligent pricing and negotiating skills.

Protect your prices

Unternehmensberatung Pricing
If you want to succeed in a highly trained purchasing environment, you need to know exactly what you’re doing.

If you have the right strategies and top negotiating skills, you will, on average, achieve a 2.3 percentage points higher margin. This is what the regular performance measurement shows for our customers.

At Schuppar Consulting intelligent price management covers everything from creating dynamic price strategies and operationally effective concepts to pushing through the best prices. For your individual requirements we offer numerous proven consultation models, programs and training modules.

Protect your prices: Through our proven competence in strategic thinking and methodology, guaranteed and pragmatic implementation, successful training and the accompanying “sparring” at executive management level.

Schuppar Consulting. Better prices. More sales. More profit.

Additional options


Study takes 25 min.

199 EUR
You participate online in the Negotiation Assessment. After that you receive your individual 15-page result report before the training. Dr. Schuppar will explain how to read the reports during the training.


Limited seats

399 EUR
Additional Time for Sparring with Head of Global Training Martin Paukert (Partner at Schuppar Consulting).

You practice price increases with others and receive direct feedback from Martin which will improve your skill level dramatically. (17:30 – 20:00 h)


Limited seats

399 EUR
Joint virtual Lunch with Dr. Schuppar and his Team, where you can discuss and ask direct questions about your specific cases to find solutions which work.

You also get special stage time during the training to share a case of your choice.