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Pricing Training

Gold in a negotiation marathon

Price Negotiation Training

Difficult negotiations with demanding customers require systematic preparation.

  • Recognize the purchasers’ tactics and signals. Skilfully fend off customer objections. Demand fair services in return for yours. Practise efficient negotiating techniques. Push through better prices and conditions (After completing a training scheme with us, our customers achieve an average 2 to 4 percentage points in better prices.) Set adequate pain thresholds. Stand up to customers with a lot of purchasing power. Go for gold in the negotiation marathon.

Training scheme for price negotiation

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Better prices, higher margins! Now.

Learning from the best

Pricing Excellence Training

Good price management is the best control lever for increasing prices. That is why you should learn from the best! Pricing Excellence from Schuppar Consulting shows on the basis of current case studies the secrets behind the success of the pricing champions. Get to know the latest pricing tools, methods and processes. Up-to-date, tested and verifiably successful.

Training scheme pricing excellence

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Become a Pricing Champion.

Higher prices? But of course!

Price Increase Training

Preiserhöhung Seminar
Every company has the potential for price increases. However, of all people it is often those in sales  who are anxious about price increases. This is exactly where we come in. We strengthen your sales department. We make sure your customers are satisfied. Get superior in price increase negotiations.

  • Develop compelling arguments and justify planned price increases on a factual basis. Get proficient at determining individual negotiation objectives and talk strategies. Practise in role plays with purchasers. Push through higher prices consistently. We will train and coach your teams right up to the beginning of your negotiations. A follow-up workshop will secure your negotiation and key learning achievements in a team.

Training scheme for price increases

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Higher prices, satisfied customers.

Additional options


Study takes 25 min.

199 EUR
You participate online in the Negotiation Assessment. After that you receive your individual 15-page result report before the training. Dr. Schuppar will explain how to read the reports during the training.


Limited seats

399 EUR
Additional Time for Sparring with Head of Global Training Martin Paukert (Partner at Schuppar Consulting).

You practice price increases with others and receive direct feedback from Martin which will improve your skill level dramatically. (17:30 – 20:00 h)


Limited seats

399 EUR
Joint virtual Lunch with Dr. Schuppar and his Team, where you can discuss and ask direct questions about your specific cases to find solutions which work.

You also get special stage time during the training to share a case of your choice.