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Benchmark: Learn from the selling champions

Acquiring new prospects, getting access to top decision makers, pushing through price increases:
What do salesmen and companies that achieve all this do right?
Learn from the best! Take part in a unique benchmarking study.

The success strategies of systematic selling

Selling Champions acquire an above-average number of new prospects, get access to decision makers and push through price increases.

For example, because in acquiring prospects they start as far up as possible in the customer organization. Or because they prepare intensively for price negotiations. Or they use character type models in their networking with customers.

30 central areas of commercial selling

The current international study Strategic Account Selling is being carried out by Schuppar Consulting in cooperation with Nottingham University Business School (NUBS).

The work processes from over 30 areas of commercial selling which belong to systematic and strategic account selling are being surveyed – among them pipeline management, negotiation strategies, price increases, access to decision makers and much more.

600 Sales Professionals
21% High Performers

600 managing directors, business unit leaders, sales directors, HR directors and key account managers from various lines of business were interviewed methodically.

Exclusive benchmark: 21% show excellent results, in Targeting & Prospecting and Negotiation & Closing (Hunter) as well as in Professional Selling Dialogue and  Relationship Building & Networking (Farmer).

By participating you will receive free of cost

An individual analysis of your strengths and potentials

The ‘Best Practices of the Selling Champions’ (summary)

The most important study results of the work methods used by top salesmen

Webinar with an expert discussion on the results of the study

Results of the Study

Your Selling DNA

See in over 30 areas of strategic sales and negotiation manage-ment where your strengths lie and where you can improve yourself. From prospecting and the professional sales dialogue to closing deals successfully.

Success Strategies

What do successful sellers do better and how can you learn from their methods of working?

Profit from a collection of concrete strategies used by these selling champions.

Industry Benchmarks

What makes your competitors successful? How can you learn from their methods, which strategies are worth taking over? Find out where your company is positioned in comparison to your competition.

Hunter & Farmer

Where is your sales force really good? Who is the born hunter for new prospects and who makes sure existing customer relationships are stable? Analyze your team structures carefully and discover potentials for development.

Lead Consultants

Dr. Björn Schuppar

Dr. Björn Schuppar is the managing director of the internationally operating pricing and sales consultancy Schuppar Consulting. His profound expertise in pricing, negotiating and sales manage-ment makes him an esteemed consultant for industrial and service companies..

Prof. Dirk Moosmayer

Dirk Moosmayer is a professor of marketing at Nottingham University Business School specializing in industrial and sustainable marketing.
Prof. Moosmayer  has been published in various international magazines, as well as becoming an associate editor of the “Academy of Management, Learning and Education”.

Martin Paukert

Martin Paukert

Martin Paukert is responsible for the area of industrial markets. He is an expert for the chemicals and automotive industries, general industry and retail industry. He has already profitably and effectively trained hundreds of senior executives and sales employees.

Heiko Günther

Heiko Günther is, as the director of studies at Schuppar Consulting, responsible for the execution and evaluation of all sales and pricing studies. The graduate industrial engineer accompanies the execution and implementation of sales and purchasing projects.

Data protection

All information shall remain strictly confidential. All published results shall be abbreviated and presented in anonymized form so that no conclusions about individual companies or persons can be drawn. The rules on data protection shall be complied with.