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Cost Inflation Tsunami

How to increase prices when supply & demand are imbalanced and global transport capacities are short.

What your teams currently face in sales is nothing we have seen for years. Prices are on Fire!!!

Cost have rising up during the past 6-9 months at a magnitude we have not seen for long time.
Copper recently hit its 10 year peak price, Steel is up +35%, Ethylene up more than +70%, Freight Cargo transport rates gone up 4-times (+400%) and truck transport ist also up by 15%.
Suppliers globally in B2B markets report the need for significant price adjustments. Get ready and be part of it. Prepare well and execute well.
There are four reasons you need to know why the costs are up and every supplier needs to go for price increases:

1. The cold winter in the US, especially in Texas, has lead to several shut downs of production plants of the petro chemical industry. The facilities where not prepared for frost and in some cases it will take weeks to restore the capacity.

2. Due to the Pandemic many companies reduced their production or shut down some plants for maintenance. At the same time many stocks are empty. On top of that the border restrictions by the government extend the lead times and you get your material too late. We see force majeure and allocation announcements everywhwere.

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Are you prepared?

How do you prepare yourself and your business to succeed in this market?

Do you face issues with your customer when increasing your prices?

Do you have customers who exert pressure and you don’t know how to deal with it?

Topic: How to be successful in your Price Increase Negotiation
You will receive extremely helpful market insights
You will learn how to justify price increases
You learn how to prepare for price negotiations

Additional options


Study takes 25 min.

199 EUR
You participate online in the Negotiation Assessment. After that you receive your individual 15-page result report before the training. Dr. Schuppar will explain how to read the reports during the training.


Limited seats

399 EUR
Additional Time for Sparring with Head of Global Training Martin Paukert (Partner at Schuppar Consulting).

You practice price increases with others and receive direct feedback from Martin which will improve your skill level dramatically. (17:30 – 20:00 h)


Limited seats

399 EUR
Joint virtual Lunch with Dr. Schuppar and his Team, where you can discuss and ask direct questions about your specific cases to find solutions which work.

You also get special stage time during the training to share a case of your choice.